It's a Brave New [Sixth] World

Rude Awakening, Part III
Hostile Takeover

While the hotel team had their shootout and laid low, Chen was busy negotiating some thievery equipment with Venator, who was reluctant to admit he had such items but admitted their existence. He proposed a simple job for acquaintances – deal with the rival broker ‘Axelle’ and convince him to leave Venator’s turf. The job was accepted under the condition that any gear needed for their operation, the group would have dibs on. The broker directed you to an apartment complex four blocks up where this ‘Axelle’ could be found.

Upon arrival, it was decided that the best way to infiltrate the apartment complex was via the roof. A sticky stealth rope enabled you to bypass the two troll guards at the front and make your way in via the rooftop. Once inside, you found boxes of cybernetic implants and an abandoned apartment building. The thief snuck farther in, however the face was caught by Axelle who accused him of being ‘Lone Star’, threatening to cut out any implants he might have.

Before the situation turned disasterous, a quick call to The Wheels routed a support helicoptor to your position, a battle breaking out in the wrecked complex.

Rude Awakening, Part II
Hit The Deck(er)

The session started off innocently enough; your success in the previous two operations and decision to split the party gave you the time to hit the third contact, a ‘Broker’ with the alias of Venator. The party again decided to split – half going back to the Azteca International to conduct recon while the other half went to “The Five Corners” to touch base for additional supplies.

Once at the hotel, the decker had a simple plan, compromise the network security, take over the cameras, and study the surroundings for possible security breaches, blind spots and so on. Doing this proved difficult, as the cameras were networked into the hotels host system – she would have to acquire control over the entire system to gain entry, a task that proved increasingly difficult with each attempt. Throwing caution to the wind, she attempted to sneak beneath a camera to interface with it directly. Unfortunately, with all the grace no successes would allow, she wandered directly into its field of vision, immediately picked up by corporate security, who dispatched a guard to rip her cord out of the camera and arrest her. The Tank, not liking this development, exchanged a brief firefight with the security guard, buying Huntress enough time to retreat to the van for a hasty retreat. The guard lived to tell his story however…

Your new Face, Chen, and the thief, had considerable more luck dealing with Venator. He informed you that his fixer had arranged for certain reasonably priced gear to be provided on loan and Chen was able to negotiate your way into some of his slightly illicit wares, securing a better deck temporarily for your decker.

Rude Awakening, Part I
The 2016 Drake Hotel Incident

The party, for one reason or another, had come to the Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. No sooner had you arrived at the illustrious hotel did a strange, tall man in a black coat leave behind a bag containing a viral nerve agent. You had brief bouts of consciousness during which you realized the Doctors had no way to treat your illness.

The next time you awoke, it was 2076, and you were greeted by two lab technicians with the Trellix Medical Holding company, who informed you that they had ‘updated you for the modern age’ and given you enough implants to survive in the new world. They explained briefly however that due to the resurgence of magic, there was an Unexplained Genetic Expression, causing humans to give birth to elves and dwarves, and that megacorporations ruled the world. The ‘corporate wars’ were also alluded to. Unfortunately, they were under the impression that they had been holding onto dignitaries or people of importance, not random victims, at which point they directed you to the ‘Credit Department’, Doctor Trax.

Trax, a quirky little human with an east European accent, and seemed to have no concerns about your ability to pay, indicating that there were options available. The first was in the case of ‘payment default’, in which they would detonate charges within your body, reducing you to a pile of limbs for spare parts. The second was the option to undertake some dirty work in the form of ‘Shadowrunning’, where a lucrative deal offered to pay for your excessive medical expenses. The party accepted and made it’s way to the Bottom of the Barrel Pub, but not before Doctor Trax informed you of the first rule of the ‘Sixth World’, “Trust No One”.

Upon arrival, you connected with your ‘Fixer’, who offered a job from ‘Mister Johnson’ and explained that it is always ‘Mister Johnson’ and that you shouldn’t inquire farther. The Chicago Azteca International, formerly the Drake Hotel, is hosting a major press conference for a company unveiling a device, noon tomorrow. Your mission was to steal the device before it could be unveiled. A list of three contacts that would help you with your mission were provided, and you were sent on your way, having only time for two.

The party opted to split up to cover more ground, the Thief and Tank going to the hotel to meet with a contact there while the Hacker and Wheels went to secure better transportation. After a brief incident with a cab, the hotel team were able to meet with Mike Jefferson, guest services manager at the hotel, who provided information – the device would be stored in a secured guest room on Level 32 of the hotel, but from 11:30-11:40 the security would be lighter due to an all hands security briefing. Your target, as it turns out, is the CEO of Saedar-Krupp Security, Mr Lofwyr himself and one of the most powerful men in the world. The security, notably tight, would require a ‘decker’ (hacker) to penetrate. The wheels met with the owner of the towing company, Predator 319, who informed him that he’d lend a vehicle if he completed a towing assignment using an unarmed hovercopter. A brief encounter with a gang later (of which, only one member of the gang survived) and a successful mission later, 3500 nuyen and rights to use a heavily armored Ares Predator hovercoptor were arranged.

The party rendezvoused at the Predator Impound lot, where they spent the night discussing their successes and their strategies for the following day.


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