It's a Brave New [Sixth] World

Rude Awakening, Part III

Hostile Takeover

While the hotel team had their shootout and laid low, Chen was busy negotiating some thievery equipment with Venator, who was reluctant to admit he had such items but admitted their existence. He proposed a simple job for acquaintances – deal with the rival broker ‘Axelle’ and convince him to leave Venator’s turf. The job was accepted under the condition that any gear needed for their operation, the group would have dibs on. The broker directed you to an apartment complex four blocks up where this ‘Axelle’ could be found.

Upon arrival, it was decided that the best way to infiltrate the apartment complex was via the roof. A sticky stealth rope enabled you to bypass the two troll guards at the front and make your way in via the rooftop. Once inside, you found boxes of cybernetic implants and an abandoned apartment building. The thief snuck farther in, however the face was caught by Axelle who accused him of being ‘Lone Star’, threatening to cut out any implants he might have.

Before the situation turned disasterous, a quick call to The Wheels routed a support helicoptor to your position, a battle breaking out in the wrecked complex.


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