It's a Brave New [Sixth] World

Rude Awakening, Part II

Hit The Deck(er)

The session started off innocently enough; your success in the previous two operations and decision to split the party gave you the time to hit the third contact, a ‘Broker’ with the alias of Venator. The party again decided to split – half going back to the Azteca International to conduct recon while the other half went to “The Five Corners” to touch base for additional supplies.

Once at the hotel, the decker had a simple plan, compromise the network security, take over the cameras, and study the surroundings for possible security breaches, blind spots and so on. Doing this proved difficult, as the cameras were networked into the hotels host system – she would have to acquire control over the entire system to gain entry, a task that proved increasingly difficult with each attempt. Throwing caution to the wind, she attempted to sneak beneath a camera to interface with it directly. Unfortunately, with all the grace no successes would allow, she wandered directly into its field of vision, immediately picked up by corporate security, who dispatched a guard to rip her cord out of the camera and arrest her. The Tank, not liking this development, exchanged a brief firefight with the security guard, buying Huntress enough time to retreat to the van for a hasty retreat. The guard lived to tell his story however…

Your new Face, Chen, and the thief, had considerable more luck dealing with Venator. He informed you that his fixer had arranged for certain reasonably priced gear to be provided on loan and Chen was able to negotiate your way into some of his slightly illicit wares, securing a better deck temporarily for your decker.


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